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The reason for this site is simple

Very few people fully understand the laws governing the trade. Many are unaware that certain rules even exist. The odd person may mention something about a licence but of the technicalities, they are completely ignorant. It is more surprising, although in a way understandable, when the questions come from members of the enforcement agencies, or a confused Solicitor. Those in the trade itself such as taxidermists, are more often than not at a complete loss. Navigating their way around numerous Acts of Parliament, Regulations, Statutory Instruments and the like is not why they became taxidermists, they simply want to get on with the job they love. The great majority however wish to abide by the laws but would rather leave the legal side to someone who can tell them in simple layman's terms what is necessary. Members of The Guild of Taxidermists have been able to take advantage of this service for years but not everybody is a member - hence this web site.


African Lion. Jack King, Kodiak, AlaskaI do not profess to being a lawyer, neither have I had any official legal training, therefore the information within these pages and that subsequently given must be taken purely as a guide. I must also recommend that accredited legal advise be sought on all points of law. However, the one thing I do have going for me is experience - 30 years of it as a practicing taxidermist and over 25 years studying the laws that govern the art. For 15 years I have been representing The Guild of Taxidermists as their legal liaison with DEFRA, Scot. Exec.and other Management authorities, plus the Enforcement and Conservation agencies. I also act on their behalf as the consultation point on changes to the law, be they amendments to existing or completely new regulations and somehow between meetings mount the odd specimen. Oh, just in case you need a bit more to go on, I am a past Chairman of the Guild (3 times), A Guild "Approved Taxidermy Inspector" (under an arrangement with DEFRA) and a f